RIP Liz Donovan

It's a sad day for journalism. Former Miami Herald researcher and "Infomaniac" Liz Donovan has died of lung cancer at age 63. Read the Miami Herald obit on Donovan here, which includes some interesting stuff about her work at the Washington Post as a researcher for Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein during Watergate. After retiring in 2004, Liz kept in the game with her Informaniac: Behind The News blog, which was initially hosted by the Herald and was an early chronicler of South Florida's blogosphere. I never met Liz, but we emailed a couple of times, and all I can say is she exuded kindness. She was one of the Pulp's earliest cyber-supporters, giving what I think was its second link ever and occasionally pointing out posts. I'm sure I'm not alone in being stunned by the news; I don't believe she wrote about the cancer in her blog. She just kept chronicling her interests until her last post on November 29. Funny thing about some blogs is sometimes you get a feeling of knowing the person behind it -- and I miss Liz Donovan already.