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Boca-Based Home Security Company Attracts Thieves of a Different Breed

ADT, the home security systems company based in Boca Raton, protects its customers from the conventional thieves -- prowlers, smash-and-grabbers, and your garden-variety home burglars. But who will protect ADT from the pack of thieves who defraud the company from the front steps of houses across America?

Maybe the courts? Security Systems News reports that ADT has teamed with Monitronics, another home security company based in Dallas, in suing the individual salespersons for companies like Pinnacle Security, in Utah, that it believes are capitalizing on the firm's brand name to con customers into buying security systems.

"We want to deliver a message loud and clear that if you're a door-to-door salesperson who lies about your affiliation [saying you're affiliated with ADT when you're not, or engaging in other unscrupulous behavior], ADT is going to come after you," said David Bleisch, chief legal officer for ADT. ADT has received complaints from 22 different states, he said.