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David Mech, Ex-Porn Actor/Math Tutor, Running for Palm Beach County School Board

Porn is going mainstream, sure, but is straight-edge Palm Beach County ready for a former skin-flick actor to sit on its School Board? As outrageous as the idea might sound, David Mech -- a ex-porn actor and director who's been working as a math tutor in recent years -- has thrown his hat into the ring for the School Board's district 3 seat currently held by Karen Brill. And here's the kicker: The 38-year-old is probably the best candidate in the race.

We first told you about Mech back in May 2013, when he hit the news cycle after school officials found out about his life in porn, where he went by the name Dave Pounder. Until then, Mech had been running a math tutoring company, Happy/Fun Math Tutor, since leaving the business in 2010.