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No Profits For You!

-- Sun-Sentinel columnist Alva James Johnson asks a burning question:

Why is it OK to teach evolution in public schools, and not intelligent design?

I just don't get it. ...

I, for one, have no problem with the "e" word becoming a part of the curriculum. Evolution by any other name is still evolution. If you're teaching it to my children, then I want to know about it. Don't disguise it. Don't dress it up. Just give it to me straight so I can de-program the kids when they get home....

But it goes both ways. Proponents of evolution have to realize that Not everyone is convinced the theory is true. And those who don't are also taxpayers who should have a say in the curriculum.

Why stop there? Throw in Scientology and Hare Krishna and then we can all de-program equally.

-- When you see for friendly neighborhood Sun-Sentinel reporter, give him or her a hug. Tribune Co. isn't giving them their 4 percent profit sharing contribution this year. From Sam Zell:

Last fall, the previous management team made the decision to eliminate the profit sharing contribution. I don’t necessarily disagree with their reasoning -- costs needed to be cut so the going-private transaction could close, and cash flow was down 12 percent through the third quarter of ’07. I do, however, very much disagree with the fact that they didn’t tell you, and left it to me to break the news. As much as I would like to reinstate this plan, we just don’t have the $20 million we would need to do it.

-- We'll leave you with one of the newer publications to hit the South Florida scene: Cellmates. As Kevin Deutsch tells us in the Palm Beach Post's crime blog, it's a weekly pub chock-full of jail mugshots. Completely unsubstantiated, but word is the publisher is going to outdo itself with a new publication called "New Corpses" which will include the headline: "Look Who's Dead Now!" That will be followed by the "Disease-Stricken Digest" -- a pub that points out those who recently diagnosed with grave diseases. What fun.