David Kalb Beats The 'King'

A warehouse worker named David Kalb got a chance to play Lebron James in a game of horse on Wednesday after winning a contest. Here's the way Kalb promo'd the event:

Kalb routed James in two games. I love this stuff.

The shot in the warehouse might be most uncanny shot I've ever seen. But James has more than Kalb to worry about; he better get ready for Dwyane Wade. After a horrible year (for him), his Olympian expoits indicate he's back to his Flash/Superman form. The Heat should compete, along with the Dolphins. Ricky Williams (how I love that man) and Ronnie Brown are both at top of their games and should give Miami one of the NFL's best backfields. My prediction is they go .500. (Anybody want to take that bet?)