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Uh-Oh! Nut-Stomping Deerfield Blogger Laces Up a Steel-Toed Boot...

Marty Popelsky is the latest Deerfield Beach commissioner to wander into the crosshairs of the city's ethics-obsessed blogger, Chaz Stevens. The man behind Acts of Sedition tells Juice that later today, he'll publish a post that details a flagrant abuse of power by Popelsky. He'll then blast that post across the state, along with his evidence against commissioners past and present.

According to Stevens, over the July 4 weekend of 2008 and perhaps for the two years before, Popelsky violated the Deerfield Beach charter by demanding that employees phone the Embassy Suites to request special discounts -- what Stevens calls "Mac Daddy rates" -- for visiting relatives.

In addition, Stevens claims that city staffers who had misgivings about this assignment were careful to document it, a point that he hopes will prove inviting to a state or federal investigator.

Not that that's the specific objective. Pressed to name his end-game, Stevens says of Popelsky, "I'm kicking him in the nuts."

Fair enough. Vice Mayor Sylvia Ferguson, for one -- who ditched the name Poitier after Stevens dragged it through the mud -- must be happy that Stevens has found a new chew toy. But that's only because he has about a half-dozen pending ethics complaints against her.

I'll update this with a link after Stevens makes his post. [UPDATE: As promised, here it is].