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Key West Group to Send Rick Scott a Giant Cup of Pee

Rick Scott may have pissed off a lot of people with his plans for mandatory drug testing of all state employees and welfare recipients. He's been verbally thrashed for hypocrisy and scrutinized for conflict of interest. Now, a group of Key West residents will send a giant sample of their urine to Tallahassee in protest of the governor's plans.

The group, which is named PISS, the Committee for Positive Insistence on a Sane Society, gathered on Saturday afternoon to make their individual contributions to the communal sample, according to The Buzz.    

PISS said that the drug testing is invasive and contradictory to Scott's rhetoric.

"In one breath our CEO professes to be focusing on cutting wasteful government spending and laying off tens of thousands of state employees, while at the same time he announces a program to drug test state employees without any legitimate basis for such an invasion of privacy," attorney Robert Clinton wrote in a news release.

They'll keep the sample locked away until it can be sent to Scott in Tallahassee. Solantic, the clinic owned by Scott's wife, charges $35 for individual drug tests, but it's not yet known if there will be a group discount for PISS.