Drew Rosenhaus Reportedly Filing for Divorce After Weekend Domestic Incident

Just four days since police were called to Drew Rosenhaus' home over a domestic incident, the superagent has filed for divorce from wife Lisa Thomson.

According to TMZ, the brouhaha between the couple came after Rosenhaus learned that Thompson had been partying with Dan Bilzerian, the trust-fund playboy who calls himself the "King of Instagram."

Rosenhaus, being the savvy negotiator that he is, apparently has claim to he and Thomson's Miami home. Thomson also reportedly signed a prenup before the two were married in 2013.

On Sunday, police were called to their home after Rosenhaus and his brother Jason got onto a shouting match with Thomson, calling her a drunk whore. Rosenhaus also reportedly handed her trash bags, telling Thomson to pack up and get out.

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Suns out buns out

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

See the lady in the pink bikini? That would be Lisa Thomson. And, if reports are to be believed, this photo and ensuing party on Bilzarian's boat is the main reason Rosenhaus has filed for divorce. The photo was taken about a month ago

Bilzarian is the guy mooning the camera.

TMZ says that one of its sources says the breakup is due to the photo, while another source says Rosenhaus didn't care about it.

Whatever the reason, it's something that made him angry enough to allow his brother to call her a whore. And it was enough to where he is now filing for divorce.

The entire thing came to a head Sunday when Thomson called police and expressed a fear over a gun that was in the home. Thomson told police she came home on Sunday to find Drew and Jason watching NFL playoff games when they two began lobbing their verbal attacks on her, calling her a whore and an alcoholic. Rosenhaus then reportedly grabbed some trash bags and handed them to her, demanding that she fill them with her stuff and leave the house.

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