The Incredible Shrinking Sentinel | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

The Incredible Shrinking Sentinel

I'm not so much a size guy as a quality guy when it comes to newspaper-watching, but, hey, everybody knows size matters in journalism. And our favorite Sun-Sentinel critic, Palm Beach-based "Ellen Dalton," snickers at some recent, uh, shrinkage at the Tribune pub in a morning note to the Pulp:

So the Sun-Sentinel has quietly folded its South Broward edition. This time last year, they had four editions. Now, with the demise of south Broward and northern Palm Beach County, it's HALF that.

I guess they figure they could never lick the Palm Beach Post and that the Herald, in its weakened state, isn't going to be a threat.

And it saves money to pay off Sammy Zell's debt!