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Allen West Is to Denmark What Hasselhoff Is to Deutschland

The Danes love them some Allen West. Or at least one influential Dane does. Listen to Morten U. Jensen, writing last week in the nation's largest daily paper:

Skulle man være så heldig at være amerikansk statsborger og samtidig bosiddende i det toogtyvende valgdistrikt i Florida, så har man ved midtvejsvalget i november til den amerikanske kongres en unik chance for at give sin stemme til en politiker af format.
Yeesh! Morten, maybe you and West should get a room. Here's a translation, courtesy an anti-Islam blog:
If you are lucky enough to be an American citizen and at the same time a resident of the 22nd District in Florida, then you have a unique opportunity at the midterm elections for the American Congress in November to vote for a politician who belongs in a class of his own.

That politician is West, of course. And Jensen's encomium figures to help West raise money from across the pond, where conservative groups are taking an increasingly hard line against Muslims.

That appears to be the common ground through which West has forged a relationship with Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a parliamentarian who favors the deportation of Muslims and who made a controversial appearance in South Florida last year that West attended.