Dolphins Get Beaten by Dan Marino Spike Play

Midway through the second half of the Dolphins-Packers game Sunday, Fox color analyst John Lynch compared Aaron Rodgers to Fins legend Dan Marino. Lynch told viewers that Marino's release was the quickest he's ever seen but that Rodgers' release was right up there. Little did Lynch -- or any of us -- know that the Marino comparisons would not end there.

With the clock winding down and the Packers without any timeouts, Rodgers ripped a play right out of Marino's playbook and faked as if he were going to spike the ball to kill the clock.

The Dolphins defense, thinking this was going to be the case, relaxed a bit, and Rodgers was able to fool them and threw the ball to Davante Adams for a 12-yard gain. The very next play, Rodgers would reach into the Dolphins' collective chests and rip out their still-beating hearts like Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom by throwing a dart to Andrew Quarless for the game-winning touchdown.