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Dateline Episode Airing Tonight Is Based on Award-Winning New Times Story

NBC's Dateline at 10 EDT tonight will feature the disappearance of David Jackson and the investigation two decades later that threatened to tear a family apart. Our cover story, "My Father's Bones," won last year's Sigma Delta Chi award for feature reporting. (Yeah, I'm bragging; shut up.)

As you'll see in the preview clip, the segment, "Buried Secrets," will feature a teary interview with Barbara Britton, Jackson's ex-wife, whom prosecutors were dead-set on pinning to the wall as the mastermind behind Jackson's murder. Britton had previously declined New Times' request for an interview.

In April, nearly 27 years after the disappearance, Britton pleaded guilty in circuit court to being an "accessory after the fact," admitting that she had known about Jackson's murder after it happened but still maintaining that she had no role in luring Jackson to the motel room where he would die, as prosecutors alleged.

Britton's husband after Jackson, Michael Wolfe, is serving a life sentence in northern Florida for firing the shots that killed Jackson. Finally, the case has come to an end for all parties involved -- though Jackson's mother still wears a bracelet containing his ashes and tells the story of the day he disappeared as if it had happened last week.

Keith Morrison reports the Dateline episode, which airs tonight (Friday, July 6) at 10 p.m. Eastern.