Florida Has the 12th Cheapest Marijuana in the Country

Sunshine, beaches, alligators, corruption -- you name it, Florida's got it. But now there's another reason to love this place: We have the 12th cheapest marijuana in the country.

The average price of pot in Florida goes for $9.09 per gram, according to stats compiled by The Economist, which compared the cost of illegal marijuana to legal marijuana across the country. A common complaint among people who live in states with legal weed is that even though they're allowed to buy it in stores with pretty packaging, the price is much higher than when they buy it from a street merchant with ziplock bags. Not surprisingly, the cost of weed everywhere around the country (except for North and South Dakota) is much lower than in our more open-minded counterparts in Colorado and Washington, as well as California, which has easily obtainable medical marijuana.

Although Florida's $9.09 per gram price is relatively low compared to other states, there are some surprising states that have a cheaper cost, including Ohio ($7.89 per gram), Kentucky ($8.77), and Idaho ($8.93). Other states cheaper than Florida either have close proximity to Mexico or a flourishing weed-growing culture, but not these three.

Another state in the top ten is Mississippi, which at $8.40 per gram is far cheaper than its neighbor, Louisiana, where weed costs $10.94 per gram. Mississippi is also the location of the federal government's official stash of marijuana... but that's just a coincidence, of course.

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Here's how Florida stacks up to the other 25 cheapest weed states in the country. For the native New Yorkers in Florida, your home state is 26th in weed prices at $10.63 per gram, so that's one more reason to be living down here.

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