Andre "Loki" Barbosa, Boca Raton Squatter, Has Released a Music Video

Andre "Loki" Barbosa, the 23-year-old Brazilian squatter who moved into a $2.5 million Boca mansion via the vague "adverse possession" Florida property law, then was finally evicted, has released a music video in which he raps and dances around (spinning around in circles is considered dancing, yes?).

Sure he raps and dances like a cat on acid, and his hair looks like the floor of a public bathroom stall after St. Patrick's Day, but give the guy some credit for doing something constructive, finally.

Sort of.

In the video, titled "I Don't Wanna Let You Go," Barbosa dances in front of a green-screen capture of the mansion he lived in because, he's all about that squatting life, bros.

Shit gets bizarre when the two women who were living in the mansion with Barbosa appear in the video dancing to the music.

CBS12's Josh Repp introduced us to the two women in the video he shot when he managed to get inside the mansion.

In Repp's news video, the women are seen covering their faces and shouting "Hide yourself!" to each other in Tunisian.

Here's the video, where you can judge for yourself:

That was something, huh?

What say you to the video, Beyoncé?


Well, if you can't illegally break into an empty mansion you don't own and live there for free and then turn that freeloading fame into a successful hip-hop career, well then, America is just the land of LIES.

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