And The Next Davie Mayor is ...

Prediction: Judy Paul will win the Davie mayoral election over Tom Truex.

This is an almost blind forecast based upon a single quote in Laura Figueroa's story on the race in Sunday's Miami Herald. The quote come from the incumbent Truex: "It's a shame that the mayor's race is turning into a referendum on The Commons."

First off, the sentiment from Truex is asinine. Why would he rue the fact that one of the biggest issues in Davie history will likely determine this election? That's the way it's supposed to work. If ever there was an acid test issue, it's The Commons, which if built will change (or eliminate, some say) the nature of the city. But I don't think he would have said it if he didn't believe that his support for the gargantuan development very well may sink his campaign. And if he believes that, why shouldn't I? 

That's why my money's on Paul.

-- In this morning's Sun-Sentinel, Scott Wyman writes about the new Broward County ethics board and its work on writing a new code of ethics. Folks like Charlotte Greenbarg and Dan Lewis don't have high hopes. Neither should you (Bill Scherer? Seriously? John Rodstrom has some sense of humor). But the thing is I don't think you should have any administrative codes at all and the state Commission on Ethics should be abolished. If you want to tighten anti-corruption standards do it in the criminal statutes (though official misconduct, unlawful compensation, and other laws are actually pretty damn serviceable in the hands of a good prosecutor).All these silly codes and commissions do is de-criminalize corruption and take the onus off state attorneys who are charged with enforcing the laws on the book. 

-- Let's hope they find those football players out in the Gulf. Conditions are horrible, but they apparently had life vests and all four of them are serious athletes. Anybody who has followed these kinds of searches knows the situation is bleak, but anything is possible. Like the heroic rescue of a seven-year-old girl who had been treading water by herself for 20 minutes after a boating accident that killed her sister and another relative.