Man Collides With Newspaper

The Eagle Has Fallen

When my daughter handed me the Sun-Sentinel this morning, I saw the 72-point headline and thought I must have missed a something huge. You know, a terrorist attack, a sports championship, a Help Team exclusive, something Big. Then I read the giant headline:


Oh, it was about the capture of Abdelaziz Bilal Hamze, who is accused of dragging a woman named Sandra Hall to her death during a road rage incident. Hamze was nabbed by cops on a plane in New York. It's a helluva story, no doubt, but it's so overplayed that it's almost beautiful. The Sentinel lost hold of its senses and splashed a sensational crime story on the front page like some New York tabloid. Hey, it's more interesting than what they do most days.

Obviously, the dragging was an absolutely horrid act and Hamze should pay with his freedom, but the headline might have read "TWO HOTHEADS COLLIDE" (I know, it wouldn't have fit). Hall, who has a long arrest record that includes assault and battery, jumped on the man's hood and wouldn't let go. Her boyfriend tried to pull her off, but she wouldn't unclench. Unfortunately, neither one of them were bluffing.