Sean Healy Blamed Drugs for Ponzi Scheme Lies

Unsurprisingly, Sean Healy was less-than-thrilled when court-appointed receiver Melanie Damian showed up to seize his house, cars, and valuables last July. Damian brought along two more attorneys from her firm, and she recalls Healy threatening to pick up Ken Murena and throw him across the room. It would be a long night, stretching from 7 p.m. to after midnight.

But about halfway through the night, the attorneys noticed a drastic shift in Healy's mood. He was "supercooperative and kind of, like, a little giddy," Murena says. "It was a little weird, but that's how it was. He was walking us through different rooms and saying, 'Oh, don't forget down there; you didn't get that drawer!'"

Both Murena and Damian were clear that they did not actually see Healy ingest drugs that night, nor did he smell like alcohol. But it was strange.

Four months later, Healy pleaded guilty to the SEC's charges of wire fraud and unlawful monetary transactions in a federal court in Pennsylvania. The judge released him under an electronic monitoring system to spend the holidays in Florida at his mother's condo. On December 1, his probation officer came by to find Healy was not there. He had gone to his Weston mansion to pick up a few things, but he returned soon enough.

The next day, Sean's urine sample tested positive for cocaine, opiates, benzodiazepine, and amphetamines.

In an interview last month, Healy's wife maintained that Sean was not taking recreational drugs. "He was on certain medications, prescriptions, that were said to be why he failed the drug test," Shalese said.

On December 11, Sean was arrested for breaking bail and put in the custody of a U.S. marshal. Twelve days later, as Healy wept at his sentencing and apologized to his investors, he blamed drugs for his actions.

"Your Honor, I just want you to know, words that are being said today, it's not me," he began before adding, "I had a very bad drug problem. It took the best of me. I'm not making excuses for it, but I wish I had an opportunity to meet every single person in this court and show it's not me... I apologize to you, Your Honor, for lying to you when I was doing the drugs."