Dwyane Wade Suspended One Game for Kicking Bobcats Player in the Balls

Dwyane Wade has been suspended by the NBA for one game, without pay, for supposedly kicking another player in the balls.

On Wednesday night in Charlotte, the Miami Heat were busy dismantling the Bobcats midway through the fourth quarter when Ramon Sessions fouled Wade.

As he reached in for the foul, D-Wade apparently flailed his leg upward and bumped Sessions in the groin with his shin. Sessions crumpled to the ground, but not before being called for the foul. 

Wade was not called for a foul.

But the NBA reviewed the footage of Wade's alleged crotchshot, and now he's going to have to sit one out.

Sessions told the media after the game that he thought the kick was intentional and was salty that the refs didn't call Wade for a foul.

For his part, Wade took to Twitter Wednesday night to explain that no harm was intended:

"I'm far from being a dirty player + my intent was never 2 kick Ramon Sessions. I just reacted to the contact that I got from him... More than anything, I think of my boys watchin me be4 retaliating 2ward any player. Im moving 4ward + ready 2 get back on the court in MIL."

Of course, an explanation is not necessary because Dwyane Wade is automatically a horrible human person because he's a member of the Miami Heat and is, therefore, GUILTY.

As Chris Chase of the The USA Today goes on to explain:

Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. I know that every time I lose my balance, I swing my left leg upward like the Karate Kid to compensate. Try it. Stand on your right foot and lean to your right until you start to fall. Doesn't your other leg kick as if your Sebastian Janikowski attempting a 70-yard field goal? Mine does every time!

HA. HA. HA. It's funny because of Karate Kid and Sebastian Janikowski references! Timely, even!

A review of the video doesn't make it so iron-clad. It's debatable whether Wade intended on nutsmacking Sessions or if he did merely lose his balance a little. It's the Zapruder film of nut kicks.

Either way, one game won't kill the Heat. So when Wade is done serving his suspension for shinning a dude in the balls, he and the rest of the Heat will get back to kicking the rest of the NBA in their asses.

Defiance? You bet! Just like that Karate Kid!