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A Thousand Words

Here's Scott Rothstein with John McCain (and yes, that's state Rep. Ellyn Bogdanoff on the right) at a fundraiser at Rothstein's home. That's Todd Richardson on Bogdanoff's right, it's RRA attorney Steve Lippman in the background between Rothstein and McCain, and on the left is RRA lawyer Harold Bofshever.  

Oh, and Sunrise City Attorney Stuart Michelson called me last night to talk about his work for criminally charged developer Bruce Chait. More on that after the jump.  

In the phone call, Michelson confirmed last night that he worked for Chait last year but said the work was minimal and had no relation to the vote his wife, Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman, made in support of Chait's controversial housing project in Tamarac. Michelson said he had won a lawsuit against the city of Tamarac that caught Chait's attention.

"Bruce called me and said he wanted the guy who sued Tamarac working for him," Michelson said. "It was after Bruce got [county] approvals [for his housing development]. I just went to a hearing for him and got the [code enforcement] fine mitigated. It was very little work."

He said he handled one other small code enforcement issue for Chait and made a total of under $3,000.