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Hating On Aunt Betty

Singer (in wig) and Satz goon it up (former Herald staffer and current Satz flack Ron Ishoy is on far left)

Our esteemed state attorney, Michael Satz, is on the cover of the Sun-Sentinel's Society section today. Apparently he's a honcho in the American Cancer Society, an indication that he might actually do something in this world other than sit on public corruption cases until the accused official is dead, out of office, or nobody remembers what the complaint was about in the first place.

He's in proper company. Next to Satz is personal-injury attorney David W. Singer (unfortunately I couldn't access Society on the Sentinel's website -- and really, you can't blame the paper for not keeping an electronic record of it). The pair are long-time partners in organizing the cancer society's "Up the River Cruise" fundraiser, which involves a "fun jail." Y0u might know Singer from those unbelievably awful "Aunt Betty" commercials that air during the Marlins games. You know, the ones where he seems like such a dolt and is so obviously reading from cards that you wonder if it's a put-on. But he does it out of love. According to his website: "A life-long concern, for people in need of help, has kept David in a legal career dedicated to representing victims of accidents." What a guy.

For a kick, you need to check out Singer's MySpace page, which he writes that he opened for "friends." And he has 56 of them. Unfortunately they only get on there to abuse him. Here's a selection:

"Stop cutting into my marlins games. Second, your commercials are the most annoying pieces of trash in the world. Screw your Aunt Betty."

"stop clogging up the television with that filth.......stupid ambulance chaser"

"i grew up with your damn comercials ... fuck the marlins games!!"

"I am so quitting law school after seeing this schmuck advertising on myspace....is this the life I have to look foward to?"

"Singer, I just felt like saying you suck again. You suck."

Satz and Singer. What a team.