Kiwanis Club Cancels Expulsion Hearing for Candidate

Kiwanis Club President Joel Davidson canceled the "expulsion" hearing for City Commission candidate Patti Lynn. Yet Davidson promises to reschedule "in the near future."  

Davidson, a campaign volunteer for Lynn's opponent, wrote that he was canceling the meeting because Lynn couldn't attend. (Of course it had nothing to do with the exposure of the club's actions.) One might have guessed that the strongly worded letter from lawyer and Kiwanis Board Member Richard Entin, who I hear is the "Lieutenant Governor" of all Kiwanis Clubs in North Broward, might have prompted him to give up the ghost. Not yet, apparently. But this action comes as more evidence that they're right that a little sunlight is the best disinfectant, especially when it comes to Broward politics.

I'm going to add more to this post Sunday hopefully, but here's Davidson's email. Incredibly, he failed to send it to Lynn, who had to get it from Entin. You can see it after the jump.

From: "J. Davidson" <>
Date: October 24, 2009 8:57:27 AM EDT
To: "Mindy Salway" <>, "Marlon Gutierrez" <>, "Linda Probert" <>, "Kathy Gerstenslager" <>, "J. Davidson" <>, "Ed Simon" <>, "Carl Robinson 111" <>, "Andy Berns" <>, "Ron Hawthorn" <>, "David Zimelman" <>
Cc: "Richard Entin" <>
Subject: Hearing Cancellation

Fellow Kiwanis Board Members,
By now you have received an e-mail from Patti Lynn stating she is unavailable to attend a hearing meeting this Monday, October 26th at 5:45pm at Colony West Country Club. She also stated that with her busy schedule now thru November 3rd, she requests that we hold the hearing after that time period. Therefore, we as a board will choose a new date and time in the near future that will be mutually acceptable to all involved.

This writing therefore officially cancels next Monday's hearing date.
                                                                                    Joel Davidson, President
                                                                                    Kiwanis Club of Tamarac