Rick Scott Suddenly Cares About the Environment

Gov. Rick "I'm No Scientist" Scott is suddenly all about helping the environment, after spending four years pretty much ruining it.

During a campaign stop in Martin County on Monday, Scott is expected to pledge hundreds of millions of dollars on environmental programs, if we completely ignore how he's screwed the environment in the first term and elect him for a second term.

Particularly, he's pledging to spend $500 million to springs restoration, according to the Associated Press. You might be shocked to know that he pledged a similar amount to springs restoration before. But thanks to this new fangled thing called the Internet, we're able to learn that Scott never came through with that promise the first time around, all while his administration has been pretty much gutting Florida's environmental protection programs.

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Back in January, Scott announced "$55 million specifically dedicated to springs protection efforts."

Scott used this announcement to make claims in his State of the State address in March that his administration had been doing great things for the environment.

But, as the Tampa Bay Times pointed out, that was all a load of crap.

Now, on Monday, Scott is promising the $500 million to springs restoration and another $500 million to help create alternative water supplies. He's also saying he'll be spending $150 million a year for Florida Forever, the state's environmental and conservation land-buying programs.

Maybe red tape and budgeting got in the way the first time around, but the bottom line was that Scott lied in his address.

Moreover, the record kind of speaks for itself anyway.

Scott has been a big fan of nuclear plants, particularly the one in Turkey Point, where he wants another one built. He wants another plant in Miami for Florida Power & Light -- which, incidentally, has donated $550,000 in campaign contributions to the governor.

Overall, Scott's administration has screwed up the state's waters, and seriously hamstrung the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Scott even appointed a man who was responsible for screwing up the Everglades to protect.... the Everglades.

Most recently, Scott has used a bizarre "I'm no scientist" defense whenever he's asked about climate change being man-made.

He's deflected direct questions throughout the years.

Scott's public reluctance to side with science on climate change began back in 2010, when he first ran for office, and his official stance was, "I have not been convinced."

But Scott is all about the environment today, saying he's going to throw a bunch of money at the problem and, well, if it gets snagged up in the Legislature or if the budget suddenly starts to not look so hot, he'll probably say he's fixing the environment anyway.

Then someone will ask him for proof of this, and he'll tell them he's no scientist and will tweet out more pictures of him and his grandchildren.

New Times has reached out to the Charlie Crist campaign for comment. When we hear back, we'll update this post.

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