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Donald Trump Photobombed by Tyler, the Creator

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According to Donald Trump's Twitter feed, Donald Trump was approached back stage of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon by a guy who called himself Donald Trump's biggest fan.

It wasn't until later that Donald Trump realized he was the victim of an elaborate photobomb.

Unbeknown to Donald Trump at the time, the guy who approached him was Odd Future's Taco, and the wiseguy photobombing the whole thing was hip-hop artist Tyler, the Creator.

See the gloriousness after the jump.

Tyler posted this beautiful work of genius on his Instagram with the caption, "DONALD MUSTY ASS. LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME."

Indeed it won't, Tyler. Indeed it won't.

(Yes, we know that this is neither a .gif nor a video, but it's just too friggin' fantastic not to post)

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