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The Women of RRA

Scott Rothstein proudly displayed a framed photograph of this ad behind his desk in the inner sanctum.

One of Rothstein's former lawyers told me that in the early days of the firm, Rothstein slept with every female attorney in the place. There were just a handful at the time, and he didn't keep that streak alive, so please don't think I'm trying to imply anything about the women pictured above.

But during one holiday party (it was either 2005 or 2006) at the Cafe Iguana, Rothstein stunned everyone during a pep speech by including a story about how he had been having an affair with a very pretty young lawyer in the firm (this is pre-marriage to Kimmie, of course). He apparently did it to address rampant rumors about the relationship, but I'm told Les Stracher, who had recently joined the firm, was so shocked that he paid a visit later to Rothstein's office and almost quit.

This is odd behavior from someone who claimed to have made a living by legally extorting cheating bosses.