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UPDATED: Suspect in Teacher Slaying Claims Sexual Assault, Echoing Accusation of Former Student

Riviera Beach police have finally arrested a suspect in the slaying of popular L.C. Swain Middle School teacher Calvin Williams. But the second-degree murder charge against Lawrence Hunt, 20, only raises more questions about the sexual conduct of the teacher, who was shot and killed last month.

Hunt told police detectives that he'd had a sexual relationship with Williams, 41, for at least two years. The morning of May 14, Hunt confronted Williams over rumors that the teacher was HIV-positive. The men fought, and Hunt tried to leave, he told police. But then Williams threw him on the bed and tried to rape him, according to CBS Channel 12. Hunt allegedly drew a pistol and shot Williams in the head.

Hunt's allegation could be dismissed as a desperate defense ploy. But Hunt is not a hardened criminal -- he has no rap sheet in

Palm Beach County. And as the Juice reported last month, Williams has been accused of sexual misconduct before.

In 2005, while working as an assistant principal at Palm Beach Lakes High School, Williams was investigated for allegedly exposing himself to a student.

Williams denied the allegation, and a Palm Beach County School District investigative committee believed him. Panel members found the allegation of inappropriate sexual interaction unsubstantiated.

They did, however, suspend Williams for five days for acting unprofessionally and having an inappropriate relationship with a student. Court records indicate that Williams was never criminally charged. He was hired as a teacher at L.C. Swain Middle School in Greenacres a year later.

Hunt is now being held without bond in Palm Beach County Jail. It remains to be seen if his trial will also shine a spotlight on Williams' alleged transgressions.

UPDATE: For more details on what happened the night Williams died, click here.