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Broward High Schools Receive No F's; Palm Beach Gets F's and D's

The Florida Department of Education released its annual public high school grades for the state on Wednesday, and it was mostly good news for Broward and Palm Beach schools.

Most schools in Broward received an A or B grade, while the three that didn't didn't get anything lower than a C.

In Palm Beach, two schools got D's and two schools received F grades.

Palm Beach's Pahokee Middle Senior, and Leadership Academy were the schools that received D's, while Crossroads Academy and Mavericks High received Fs. Eight other schools in the Palm Beach County School District earned C's.

But Broward County brought better news, particularly to struggling schools, Dillard High and Deerfield Beach High, both of which received their first A grades ever.

The news was apparently good across the board, with half of the stat's high schools getting an A grade for the 2012-13 school year.

As it is with anything Florida related, however, this all comes with a bit of controversy.

Back in July, the Board of Education acknowledged that the grading system is flawed.

Critics say that the grading system has a sort of safety net in place that limits any given school to only a one-grade drop, even if it deserves more. So, if a school dropped from a B to an F, it would only be officially graded as a C school.

The other problem is that the grades are based mainly on how well students did on the FCAT, which is a standardized test most parents (and teachers) would like to see abolished in Florida.

Still, this isn't keeping leaders and politicians from the proverbial chest-bumps in celebrating the news.

"Today's results show that more students are ready for college or a career than ever," said Commissioner of Education Pam Stewart.

Meanwhile, Gov. Rick Scott took the news as an opportunity to try and show everyone how awesome he is.

"A great education is the cornerstone of Florida's future - and that's why we fought to provide $480 million for teacher pay raises," he said.

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