Herman Cain Makes a Comeback! (In Ad for Steak Salesman/Senate Candidate Craig Miller)

Herman Cain is trying to work his magic again, this time by being featured in the new advertisement for U.S. Senate Republican hopeful and former Ruth's Chris steak house CEO Craig Miller.

According to the latest poll of the GOP field of candidates to take on Sen. Bill Nelson, Miller is currently at a whole 1 percent, although 42 percent remain undecided.

Rep. Connie Mack is up 32 points on any other candidate.

Cain's endorsement of his fellow food salesman came about a week ago, and as mentioned in the ad -- and from Cain's former presidential campaign talking points -- they're buddies on the anti-"career politician" movement.

Miller also supports Cain's "9-9-9 plan," so if you thought you were done hearing that sales pitch, think again.

According to the Miller camp, the ad will start running Sunday on Fox News.

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