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Family to Pulp: "We Just Want Justice for Melissa"

This is one of the last photographs ever taken of Melissa Britt Lewis, shot during the party marking her promotion to partner at the Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler law firm. It was sent to me by Lewis' aunt, Lynn Haberl, who left the following note. It's clearly meant not just for me but for all Pulp readers, especially those who have tried to keep attention on the murder case:

I want to Thank You on behalf of Melissa's family for your search for the truth.

As you can see by this email, I am her Aunt Lynn. We are a very close family and her mother, sister, and other aunt all are aware I am commenting on this blog site. We really don't have inside information -- I wish we did, so this horrible crime against Melissa could be put to rest.

I am attaching 2 photos taken from the RRA Party when Melissa made partner. They are probably the last pictures taken of her.

Her mother has given me permission to send them to you. We just want justice for Melissa.

I think the message is clear, and the State Attorney's Office and the Plantation Police Department should listen. Every aspect of this case needs to be reexamined, especially as it relates to the actions of Rothstein and Debra Villegas. It seems clear the family hasn't drawn any conclusions, and neither have I. There are just a lot of questions that need to be answered. Nobody seems to know the truth right now, and it's time to find it.

I left a voice-mail message with Assistant State Attorney Alberto Ribas, the prosecutor in the Tony Villegas case, and I'll let you know what I hear. 

After the jump, the second photo taken at the party, of Lewis with Villegas.