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Economic Gloom Lingers (PLUS: Halloween Costumes to Counteract the Sadness)

We crossed our fingers before checking the most recent unemployment data, but the preliminary numbers crunched by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and released today reveal that September was just more of the same, with unemployment in Florida at 11.9 percent, up slightly from August. Only California, Michigan, and Nevada have higher unemployment rates than Florida. Better luck next month, sunshine state.

The good news: What goes up must come down, right? Too bad there's no timeframe when applying the laws of physics to the economy.

As if the unemployment situation isn't bad enough, South Florida leads the nation in foreclosures according to recently released third-quarter data, with the number of filings up 25 percent from the second quarter and 9 percent from last year's third quarter, according to the Sun Sentinel and RealtyTrac Inc. with their incredibly depressing but visually pleasing foreclosure heat map.

For temporary relief from the gray cloud that is our economy, focus on this: today is both Friday and two days from Halloween, which means even if you're unemployed, you can dress in the garb of whatever profession you hope to enter or reenter. "Dress for the job (emotion, inanimate object, etc.) you want, not the job (etc.) you have." Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

You can take the term, "sunshine state," literally if you think it will put pep in your step and a smile on your face. Warning: If you're above the age of five, you may get egged for looking the way Sarah Palin sounds. (Costume discovered here.)

Then there's this mask, which isn't creepy at all. But no matter how bad the recession hurts the rest of the nation, being Donald Trump doesn't suck. (Mask discovered here.)

Or you can be a fleck in the Halloween landscape of "Sexy ___," because showing some skin can be therapeutic, especially since dressing like a slut has a direct correlation to drinks purchased for you. It's alright, the economy made you do it. (Costume discovered here and here.)


This costume is our personal favorite, obviously -- the Superhero/Journalist. (Costume discovered here.) If you see us trick-or-treating, pleease give us a king size candy bar.

This is a great recession option because it's cheap and includes dinner -- which, of course, should be removed from the box before wearing. Dick in a box is overplayed, but a pizza box, that's something special. As for the "dress for the job you want" thing, this takes some imagination. (Costume discovered here.)

For the most literal interpretation of "dress for the job you want," we'll leave you with this. But heed this warning: If you dress up as a gyno, everyone will know what they probably already suspected -- that you are a virgin. (Costume discovered here -- the name is a gem.)

Note: Comments section doubles as a costume suggestion box.