Gina Marie Marks Convicted!

that investigated and built the Organized Scheme to Defraud Case against Gina Marie Marks on behalf of the 5 women who were victimized in Broward County last year. I just wanted to give you an update. Based on the quality and strength of my investigation and the pressure that was exerted on the Broward State Attorney's Office by your excellent coverage of the crime, Gina Marie Marks has decided to change her plea from Not Guilty to Guilty. She will be pleading guilty to a felony, will receive probation, and will be paying back all the victims every single cent that she stole from them. I think that this is an excellent resolution to this case given the fact that although she has been implicated in defrauding numerous people she has never previously been convicted of a crime. The victims will be receiving all of their money back AND Gina will finally be admitting that she has been engaged in a fraudulent fortunetelling scheme, on the record, in front of a judge. In addition if she violates her probation by engaging in any future crimes, she will run the risk of going to prison.

Ah, I love the smell of justice in the morning, yet it's bittersweet, as there are a lot of other beaten and broken people who lost huge amounts of money to this woman who will likely never see a cent of it back.