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Former West Palm Chief to Help Overhaul Detroit's Troubled Police Department; Beware Sexting from Kwame

Former West Palm Beach Police Department Chief Bill Riggs is part of a 10-person law enforcement dream team appointed by a federal court judge to make sweeping changes to the Detroit Police Department, following a nasty batch of scandals. The last court-appointed monitor, Sheryl Robinson Wood, resigned after the same judge learned that she'd been getting inappropriate text messages from then-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Inappropriate how? Well, not as pornographic as the ones Kilpatrick sent to his chief of staff, but definitely unprofessional -- they appear to contain references to the two sharing dinner and drinks.

But with Kwame out of the picture, maybe Riggs and his colleagues can have some luck as change agents.

Riggs left West Palm Beach in 1996, after nine years. He then held a lofty place in the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office under Bob Neumann (who's now retired in North Carolina). Riggs left that position in 2000. In the years that followed, he's also been consulted for reforms in Haiti and South Africa.