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To Everyone Upset About That PalmCon Article...

On Monday, New Times writer Allie Conti posted a blog item about PalmCon, a comic book convention in Palm Beach County. This post upset a lot of people from the comics/cosplay community.

Let us provide a little background and a sincere mea culpa from the editors.

Our blogs are a collection of viewpoints from our various writers. Most of the items are newsy, but we do run many different types -- opinions, rants, lists, etc. Ms. Conti attended the con and kicked in this blog post.

The next day, we got a flurry of letters and comments, and Ms. Conti began to be attacked personally on her Facebook. The comments ranged from thoughtful to hilarious, to nasty to absurd.

Some people alleged there were minors in at least one image. We have taken that all of the pictures down.

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We sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone who was upset. It was not our intention to mock or insult.

It bums us out to be in this tiff with you, because New Times has, for years and years, supported local comic and anime conventions. We've done numerous stories, the overwhelming number laudatory.

So please accept our apology.