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Miami Caliente Stars Named to Lingerie Football All-Star Team

Five players from the Miami Caliente will represent the eastern conference at the first Lingerie Football League all-star game in Monterrey, Mexico. The matchup, dubbed the "All-Fantasy Game" by the league, is scheduled for June 10.

Quarterback Anonka Dixon and wide receiver-slash-safety-slash kicker Tina Caccavale, a team captain, will both start on offense, according to the league's website. Taira Turley, the Caliente middle linebacker, will start on defense.

Ashley Thames and Danella Williams also landed spots on the team.

The team's playoff run ended against the champion Chicago Bliss in February. Dixon led the league in touchdowns, and Caccavale finished the season with the most receptions, the most interceptions, and the most tackles.

We haven't spoken to either player since they were named, but you can read about Dixon's career here. In that cover story, we write that Dixon is the best player in the league, but Caccavale certainly gives her a run for that title.

Caccavale knows the meaning of sacrifice. I spoke with Caccavale's parents at the last Caliente game. They were holding a piece of cardboard with "GO TINA" painted on one side.

Their daughter grew up playing football with her two older brothers, the parents explained. She's been obsessed with the game for as long as anyone can remember. They drive from Punta Gorda for every game.

"Honestly, I was really surprised by how physical it is," Bob Caccavale told me. "But Tina is a competitor. She's always competed in anything she could, any chance she got. She absolutely can't stand losing."

Caccavale's nickname, "The Ochocinco of the LFL," was bestowed upon her by the original, Chad "Johnson" Ochocinco, she told me. He grew up in the same Miami neighborhood as Dixon.

As a kid, Caccavale played basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, and golf. She's played 11-a-side football for nine years, the last two of which were with Dixon on the Miami Fury. Despite her ultratough career on the gridiron and a full-time job as a dental technician, she said she likes to bake cookies whenever she has an excuse.

She also coaches girls on a local flag-football team -- offering expert route-running advice and tips on making tight-rope catches -- and models bridal gowns for a charity in Miami.

We're still hoping to hear from her before the game in Mexico.