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Five Things Hurricanes and Seminoles Fans Can Agree Upon

In less than 40 hours, Hurricanes fans and Seminoles fans alike will flock to the Sun Life Stadium parking lots to share the same tailgate grounds, and this is going to shock you, but some of them might not exactly have the nicest things to say to each other. Hey, it's UM-FSU week; that's the way it's supposed to be. Saturday night's 8 p.m. kickoff is sure to add gasoline to the trash-talk flames as well, because you don't just not drink in the sun all day when it's UM-FSU. Nope, you get shit-faced and talk smack to opposing fans, because, rivalry game.

With all that said, there are certain instances where UM and FSU fans agree and are civil with one another, standing shoulder-to-shoulder, school allegiances be damned. Here are a few of those instances. You may even see the rare instance where a Seminoles fan and Canes fan might go as far as sharing an epic high-five.