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Miami-Dade Police's Parker Wants Payday

The Miami Herald's "Talk of the Town" columnist Joan Fleischman has another dandy report today with news that Miami-Dade Police Director Robert Parker is hitting up CBS-Channel 4 for a half million dollars or face a defamation lawsuit for an erroneous report that was aired last fall.

Channel 4 apparently reported this past Oct. 2 that Parker's son was arrested for armed robbery. It wasn't true and the station immediately issued a retraction. Now Parker wants $500,000 to heal his injured reputation.

It's so obvious that Parker is trying to make a cheap payday that it's not funny. CBS made a mistake and retracted the story and it was forgotten about. Google "Robert Parker Jr." and the only mention of the erroneous report is today's Herald story. Now he's reviving it in an attempt to make a mint. Maybe, just maybe, he ought to be more concerned about fighting crime in Miami than chiseling money out of a TV station.