Group Working on Selling David Beckham to Bring MLS to Fort Lauderdale

It's in the very infantile stages. That is to say, it's just an idea that's come up. But the Fort Lauderdale organization Envision Uptown is working on a seedling of an idea to convince David Beckham to bring his MLS club to Lockhart Stadium.

It's bold as it is brash, and it's just crazy enough to be a reality.

Envision Uptown is comprised of heavy hitting business owners and locally headquartered companies -- including Citrix, Bosch, Microsoft, Alpine, and Zimerman Advertising, to name a few -- that want to renovate uptown Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding executive airport area. The group sees a crack in the door for an opportunity to sell the area as a sports and entertainment hub where Beckham's soccer club would be at the center.

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