Florida Man Bitten By Shark, Punched By Monkeys, Bitten by Rattlesnake, and Struck By Lightning

Monkeys use him as a punching bag.

He attracts lightning better than a tree.

A rattlesnake bit him.

Sharks think he's a prime rib dinner.


Erik Norrie, a longtime Largo fisherman and business man, was recently bitten by a shark in the Bahamas, which apparently wasn't his first brush with death.

The odds of being attacked by a shark are about one in 11.5 million and the chances of being struck by lightning in the U.S. is about one in 280,000. The chances of getting punched by a money is off the charts.

But, according to Tampa Bay's WTSP, Norrie, 40, has been a victim of all those things, plus he was once bitten by a rattle snake.

Yet even with having snake venom pumped into him, having a lightning bolt hit him, and getting his ass kicked by some monkeys, Norrie says he thought his brush with a shark was the one that would finally do him in.

Norrie says he was spearfishing and snorkeling with his family in the Bahamas on July 29 when he suddenly felt crushing pain to the back of his leg.

Norrie said he looked back, and saw a chunk of his leg in a shark's mouth. Blood began to pour from his wound, and the shark began to circle him, awaiting for another opportunity to strike.

Fortunately, Norrie's father-in-law jumped into the water and saved him.

Norrie was then flown to Jackson Memorial hospital in Miami, where he underwent surgery.

As for fate Charlie Browning Norrie:

When he was 10-years-old, an oak tree Norrie was standing next to got struck by a bolt of lightning, blowing him backwards and almost killing him.

A few years later, he was bitten by a rattlesnake, which nearly cost him his leg.

And on two separate occasions, Norrie was attacked by monkeys. The first when he was in the Amazon in Brazil, and a monkey punched him in the head when he got too close.

The second time was in Honduras, when his wife locked him in a cage with a small monkey as a joke. The monkey jumped on his head and beat Norrie with his own keys.

Norrie says he's a religious man, and that his faith has helped him survive.

Maybe Norrie just isn't catching on to what God is trying to tell him?

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