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Crist Dancing Around Scandal


The New York Post has broken a story about our lovely governor, Charlie Crist, that looks fairly damning, if not indictable. The allegation is that Crist, while serving as Florida Attorney General, received $11,000 in "illegal" campaign contributions from Orlando sleazebag, boy band impresario, and all-around fat fuck Lou Pearlman while his office should have been nailing him for rip-off schemes. Today, Pearlman is hiding in Germany while the feds investigate millions in missing funds.

First impression is that those contributions, which s

eem wrong considering the $500 Florida contribution limit, are legal. As we know, showering candidates with money from family members and businesses is common practice. It's called bundling and it's legal. Proving a quid pro quo will likely be next to impossible, too. But the facts reek, so the story will have legs -- and if the lawsuit drags on, it might just dance like Pearlman's former wonder boy, Justin Timberlake.

An aside: Why is not surprising that Crist might be seduced by a guy who has a lot of good-looking and physically gifted young men around him? (Yeah, I went there, and in totally unfair fashion). But the really sad thing is that the Orlando Sentinel, which has been investigating Pearlman for weeks, has neglected this side of the story.