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Married Couple Convicted in Failed Murder Plot of Woman's Part-Time Boyfriend

Cynthia Green-Anderson told her on-and-off boyfriend Jerry Logan to drop by her aunt's house to pick up some things just after noon on August 2, 2008.

Logan arrived at the house, and instead of picking up the stuff, Green-Anderson and her husband, Craig Anderson, decided to shoot him four times.

Logan lived, and the Andersons are each facing 30 years or more in prison.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office received multiple calls shortly after the shooting at the Palm Bay house, and when they arrived, Green-Anderson told police Logan "jumped the gate and tried to hit her," according to a probable-cause affidavit.

She told police they struggled over the gun, and somehow, Logan was shot. Before being taken to the hospital, Logan had told the cops both Green-Anderson and her husband had shot him.

The three friends of Logan's who dropped him off at the house provided a little more detail to the cops -- they watched Craig Anderson come out with latex gloves and a chrome handgun and shoot Logan.

Two days later, Logan was taken off a ventilator at the hospital and was able to tell investigators what happened.

Logan said that he went to the house to pick up the items -- a key and $20 -- and confirmed Craig Anderson came out with gloves and the gun and shot him once.

Then he gave the gun to his wife and told her to keep shooting Logan. She fired the remaining three rounds in the gun into Logan.

The Andersons went back inside the home, and Logan played dead in the backyard. Craig Anderson eventually drove away in his wife's car before sheriff's deputies arrived, and neither of them ended up giving a statement to police when they were contacted.

Logan explained to the cops that he had been dating Green-Anderson for three years, before they broke up and she married Craig two months later.

Craig then went to jail on a different charge, and Logan and Green-Anderson got back together -- which Craig Anderson found out after he called his wife from jail and heard Logan in the background.

Anderson then convinced his wife to report that Logan had raped her, but when Anderson got out of jail a month later, they just decided to shoot him instead.

Craig Anderson was convicted by a jury on Tuesday of attempted first-degree murder with a firearm and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, and his wife was found guilty by a jury on Wednesday of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.

At his November 18 sentencing, Anderson faces a maximum sentence of life in prison plus 30 years, and his wife faces a maximum of 30 years in prison at her November 30 sentencing.

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