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Funeral Home Sued Twice for Mixing Up Ashes and Misplacing Dead Bodies

A Palm Beach County funeral home mixed up the ashes of dead bodies not once but twice in the past two months, according to two lawsuits filed in Palm Beach County court.

The latest incident started this past summer. Shaquille Burroughs Jr. died on July 5, not long after he was brought into the world. Tiesha Mack, his mother, made arrangements to have her son's funeral handled by the Taylor-Smith-West funeral home in Belle Glade. After paying the $600 fee, Mack thought she would get an urn with her son's ashes. But weeks went by and she still didn't have it.

Funeral home employees explained that they didn't get the ashes back from Edgley Crematory, where they claimed to have outsourced the cremation service. Tired of waiting, Tequilla Burroughs, the deceased child's grandmother, went to Edgley on August 6 to find out why there was a delay. But John Edgley, the owner, said he had never received an infant body from Taylor-Smith-West, according to the lawsuit.