Obama Says He's the Miami Heat, Romney Is Jeremy Lin

Remember Linsanity?

The New York Knicks point guard who took the world by storm because he came out of nowhere, and because the New York sports media are insane?

Lin was hitting game-winning shots, putting up Steve Nash-like numbers and riding a wave of fan euphoria from America to China and all parts in between.

And then the Miami Heat put a stop to all the nonsense by destroying Linsanity with its awesome righteousness. Lin went 1-for-11 that night, with eight turnovers.

Remember that?

Well, the president remembers. The president remembers very well.

According to a recent New York Times piece that talks about Obama's famous competitive streak, the president had a meeting with some Democratic governors back in February -- right when Linsanity was reaching critical mass.

Obama was asked if he had the mettle to take on then front-runner and eventual Republican nominee Mitt Romney come November.

Because he's a man who keeps up with current events and because he's badass, Obama broke it down by bringing up the topic of the day. Namely, the Heat's dismantling of all things Jeremy Lin.

"We're the Miami Heat, and he's Jeremy Lin," Obama reportedly said.

Boom. And just like that, Mitt Romney got COBRADICK'D.

Obama's naysayers will no doubt come out and be all whiney about how the president is so cocky and arrogant (like they do whenever he trash-talks Charisma Boy). But Republicans used to love the shit out of George W's Texas swagger and gun-totin' haughtiness, so they can all just shut their face holes now.

The entire NYT piece is worth the read. But you have to love Obama's Heat reference. Because the opposition loves to tear him down and say he's weak and pour out the buckets of Haterade.

Just like everyone did with the Heat.

Until the Heat blew everyone's asses to smithereens.