Mayor: Why Subscribe to the Newspaper Anymore? | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Mayor: Why Subscribe to the Newspaper Anymore?

Count Lantana Mayor David Stewart among the growing number of longtime Palm Beach Post readers who have seriously questioned why they should subscribe to the newspaper anymore. 

Stewart says that when his subscription rate was jacked up from $120 to $200 a year, he contacted the newspaper and asked the Big Question: "Why should I continue subscribing to the newspaper when I can just look at it online for free?"

The mayor received a very interesting answer.

"They said it possibly wouldn't be available for free online in the future unless you had a subscription," Stewart says.

So the Post is considering charging for its online content? And that wasn't the only surprise for Stewart. He says a Post representative also told him that the newspaper might stop publishing every day. 

"I was told that they were considering reducing the amount they were going to be printing in the future," Stewart says.

Paid online content and a newspaper that doesn't print seven days a week? Is that the future of the Post?

Stewart thought about it and made his decision: He decided not to renew his subscription.