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More About the Guy Who Didn't Kill the Pedestrians With His Porsche

Curmudgeons like Bob Norman may not want to admit it, but the Sun-Sentinel's association with the Chicago-based Tribune Co. does have its perks. For instance, when some unknown driver kills a couple of British tourists with a tricked-out Porsche owned by a wealthy playboy with a history of driving luxury cars way too fast... well, the Sun-Sentinel can enlist the help of its colleagues in Chicago, which happens to be the hometown of Ryan LeVin, who is not officially a "suspect" but who's getting lots of attention nonetheless. Here's the scoop on this car owner.

The story finally gives us details about how LeVin spent the night. He had told the Sun-Sentinel he wasn't driving the car but didn't say who was. But now this:

Employees at a trendy Fort Lauderdale restaurant confirmed (LeVin) had been in the establishment that evening and left by himself in the Porsche. About an hour before the crash, a valet saw LeVin's sports car speeding up and down Las Olas Boulevard, one of the city's main drags, according to the restaurant's general manager.