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Alleged Kidnapper Who Led Boynton Police on High-Speech Chase Has Lengthy Rap Sheet

Laderic Brown has only been an adult for 23 months, but he already has a dozen criminal cases in Palm Beach County courts -- and that doesn't include the charges of home invasion, kidnapping, ramming a police cruiser and leading cops on a high-speed freeway chase, which ended in his arrest this afternoon.

According to documents released to Juice by the Boynton Beach Police Department, an officer this morning saw a gray Dodge Magnum not far from where it had been reported stolen. The victim identified the car as her own, and soon a 100 mph chase was on.

Having spotted the stolen car, several police cars started following. After the driver of the Magnum accelerated, so did police. But before the Magnum could get to Boynton Beach Boulevard, a squad car pulled in front of it, blocking its path.

That officer, Maiorino, was able to recognize the driver, Laderic Brown. On Boynton Beach Boulevard, Brown crossed over the center median heading west in the eastbound lanes until he reached the ramp to I-95 southbound. Police who followed Brown there report he was traveling 100 mph during a high-traffic time, causing him to swerve wildly between five lanes of traffic.

Brown finally exited on Linton Boulevard, but as he ran a red, another car struck the Magnum, causing it spin out and come to rest on the median. The probable cause affidavit says that Brown ran a few steps before he gave up on the idea and surrendered to officers.

Palm Beach County records show that Brown's license was suspended earlier this month after he failed to appear for a criminal traffic case.

Juvenile court records are not open to the public, but it's clear that Brown wasted little time establishing his criminal record as an adult. He was only 17 when in May 2007 Brown was busted for felony robbery. He later gave a guilty plea.

The dozen cases on file for Brown were run the range from traffic stops to felonies, but it appears from the docket that prosecutors had difficulty making one of the felony cases stick. It seems they've got a better chance this time around.