Romney Campaign Does Impossible: Gets Obama to Brag About Rick Scott

Bloomberg had an interesting scoop yesterday: The Mitt Romney campaign asked Gov. Rick Scott to tone down his bragging about Florida's economy because it was interfering with Romney's message of economic apocalypse under Barack Obama. The report also said Scott "was asked to say that the state's jobless rate could improve faster under a Romney presidency," because, hey, let's just make things up now.

In any case, it got lots of attention and gave Florida's unemployment rate national publicity Scott could never buy. It makes one wonder where the Bloomberg leak came from... but it also gives the Obama campaign a new thing to make fun of while it sends out about a splagillion emails a day about the DREAM Act: Late yesterday, they sent out a fake letter "from the desk of Mitt Romney."

Aside from, you know, the words, it looks kind of real -- that address in the top right really is Romney's campaign mailing address. Only in an election year could Obama be putting his arm around Rick Scott.