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Lauderdale Woman Turning 30 by Having 30 Dates in 30 Days

Wasn't this a Drew Barrymore flick? Or was that Kate Hudson? In any case, the Juice will do its part to boost the romantic ambitions of Claudia, a Fort Lauderdale newcomer who's staging a brutal reality show.

Hi. I'm Claudia. A year ago, I moved from New York City (where I lived for nearly 11 years) to Fort Lauderdale (where I knew NO ONE). Although I've managed to make some cool friends along the way, when my friends or family ask "are you dating anyone?", the answer seems to always be "no". So thus begins this social experiment.

The video message from Claudia after the jump.

I'm going to "put myself out there" and attempt to go on 30 dates in 30 days (all in the month that I turn 30). I hope to start this on August 1st. And before you give me grief about August having 31 days, I'm well aware, but it will give me a one day buffer. This project can be completely awesome or be a complete bust.

Probably a complete bust, but you have to admire Claudia's moxie. And she's shrewdly exploiting the male instinct for competition. I assume these are 30 first dates -- it shouldn't count to date the same guy two or three times.

Single fellas can contact her through her website. ( And Claudia, stick to public places -- and keep the pepper spray within arm's reach.)