60 Cats Found Living in "Deplorable Conditions" in West Palm Beach

Cops entered a home in West Palm Beach after neighbors complained of a strong odor.

When police entered the home Thursday morning, they found hundreds of empty cans of cat food strewn around the yard in the 800 block of Sunset Road. They also discovered a large number of cats living in "deplorable conditions" inside the house.

And by "deplorable," we mean the cats were living in their own feces and urine.

Authorities now need to figure out what to do with the more than 60 cats they found in the house, many of whom are sick from living in the nasty conditions.

Apparently, the man who owns the home lived in another house and surrendered the cats to Animal Care and Control after they were discovered.

According to a spokesman for care and control, probably only a handful of the cats will be put up for adoption, seeing how the sick ones pose a threat to the other animals under their care.

Which means, sadly, most of them will have to be put down.

Holy crap, this story was a bummer.

To offset that, here's a video of kittens riding a vacuum cleaner:

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