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Great White Shark Spotted in Florida Waters; Man Jumps Into Water to Take Pictures of It

Either great white sharks love the warm waters of Florida or we're just super delicious, because another one has been spotted swimming around our neck of the woods like it's all good.

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This one was spotted ten miles off the Florida Keys by a group of people who wanted to go swimming with sharks, almost giving this news story a whole different kind of ending.

Captain Bryce Rohrer, who took a group out into the waters off Florida's shore, was expecting to see hammerheads swimming about. They spilled chum into the water and waited for one to appear.

And they waited some more.


"I brought all my gear," Guillaume Bauch, a photographer who was a part of the charter told "I wanted to shoot hammerheads, and when we weren't getting anything, I was a little disappointed.

Just as Rohrer was about to declare the trip a waste and head back to shore, a fin breached the calm waters.

They soon realized they were in the presence of a great white shark.

Pictures were taken, and adrenaline was high.

But unlike the rest of us, who would be perfectly content to snap pictures of a giant man-eating shark with our iPhone from the safety of inside a boat, Bauch wanted to get a better look and shot of the fish. So he jumped into the water with it.

Bauch first used the shark cage provided by the boat but then swam outside of it because why not? It's only an animal that can devour you in a single bite.

"I was just wow... this is my chance to be in the water with that animal," said Bauch.

The shark swam only a few feet from Bauch as he snapped away. It then circled the boat for more than an hour, probably because it couldn't decide if it wanted to eat the boat or the guy with the camera first.

The shark eventually swam away, and Bauch did not become food, which is terrific news for him.

As for Captain Rohrer, he says this is the fifth time he's spotted a great white off the coast of the Florida Keys, so it's really only a matter of time before someone becomes lunch.

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