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Mike Pouncey Won't Be Charged in Nightclub Altercation, but Brother Will

In mid-July, New Times broke the story of Miami Dolphins center Mike Pouncey and his twin brother, Maurkice, allegedly assaulting a couple of people at Cameo Nightclub in Miami Beach.

Since then, the road to charging the two had seemed a tangled one, with Miami Beach Police trying to piece together the events that unfolded based on an incident report filed by the two alleged victims.

On Friday, however, personal injury attorney Marwan Porter told the Miami Herald that police have indicated that Maurkice will be charged with misdemeanor battery. According to Porter, it seems that Mike won't be charged at all.

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Maurkice, a center for the Pittsburgh Steelers, could be formally charged as early as Friday.

In the incident report filed with the Miami Beach PD, Niya Pickett, 32, and a friend, Ricquan James, 24, say they were punched by the Pounceys as the twins made their way out of the club.

"V01 [Pickett] and V02 [Ricquan] advised me that while inside Cameo night club between the listed times, an unknown male was trying to leave the club when he pushed V01 and V02 out of the way," the incident report reads. "Victims state that S01 then proceeded to punch V01 and V02 in the head causing a large welt/bruising to both V01 and V02. S01 then left the area."

About two weeks after the incident, Pickett and James filed a suit against the Pouncey brothers in in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.

Among the allegations in the suit, James claims that both Pouncey brothers pushed him because he's gay. After James asked them to stop, the two responded with punches to the face, according to the suit.

For now, Porter and the police are set to have one more meeting before going forward with any charges.

As for the Pouncey's, their attorney, Jeff Ostrow, says that there are inconsistencies in the victims' claims.

Ostrow also says he doubts formal charges will come, and claims that there are multiple witnesses who will testify against the accusers that neither twin brother were involved in any kind of altercation.

Ostrow has also threatened a counter suit against Pickett and James.

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