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20/20 Madoff Marathon Tells of Mar-a-Lago Scuffle

Here's part one from Friday's ABC News series on Bernard Madoff, the Palm Beach playboy-turned-Hiroshima of the financial world. It opens with a rather creepy sniper's view of Madoff working on a computer and fluffing his pillow in his Manhattan penthouse. (Not to defend Bernie, but so what if he's surfing the web and making sure his pillow's soft? Did we really expect to see him weeping with remorse and flagellating himself?)

But reporter Brian Ross saves the Palm Beach material for Part 2. Madoff neighbor Donald Trump tells of Madoff associate Robert Jaffe's arriving at a Mar-a-Lago party the day after the Madoff allegations hit papers. The nerve. Guests looked at Jaffe with "blood pouring out of their eyes," says Trump, and that quickly escalated into a shoving match.